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A Guide for the New Cop | You In Blue

You in Blue Cover 14In 2015 Gregory Saville and Gerard Cleveland authored a book for the newest members of the police profession yet You In Blue provides an in-depth analysis of the role of the police in our times and offers something for every cop – rookie and veteran alike. By integrating traditional wisdom with innovative current practices, Cleveland and Saville have created a resource every police officer, deputy sheriff, and law enforcement supervisor, manager and administrator should read.

You In Blue weaves emotional intelligence, leadership, personal responsibility, community policing strategies and of course, problem based learning throughout their relevant and thought-provoking work. All readers will find something useful although police trainees and rookies are specifically considered in these pages.

A wide variety of topics are covered in the chapters:

  1. You In Blue
  2. Why Do You Want to Be a Cop?
  3. Succeeding at the Academy: Learning for Meaning, Not Marks
  4. Training on the Street
  5. How to Patrol
  6. Speaking to People: Interview Techniques
  7. Responding to Emergencies
  8. Tricking Your Amygdala
  9. Lurking Dangers in the Police Station
  10. Scaring Ourselves to Death: The Insupportable Fear Factor
  11. The Warrior Agenda

You In Blue is sold directly from the You in Blue website found at this link.

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